Campbell Williamson

Coaching & Consulting

Optimizing the Growth and Development of Organizations and Leaders


John Campbell, M.S. and Barbara Williamson, Ph.D./PCC, are the co-founders and managing partners of Campbell Williamson Coaching and Consulting. Barbara and John, along with their associates, provide custom-tailored coaching and consulting services that focus on optimizing the development of organizations and leaders. Their firm is also a founding member of the Knowledge Guild. 

The mission of our coaching and consulting practice is to optimize the development of our clients so they can become what they truly desire to be. To underscore this mission our website is named

Our services fall within three practice areas:

  • Consulting with Organizations
  • Coaching Leaders
  • Facilitating Team Development

How We Operate


Our operating model is a five-phase life cycle approach:


1.  Assessment
2.  Design
3.  Build
4.  Implement
5.  Sustain


Depending on the needs and resources of each client engagement we are able to work in any or all phases of this operating model. Most all client engagements have some form of an assessment at the outset.

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